Perhaps you are a victim a clergy sexual abuse. Or specifically abuse by a priest. Maybe someone you love is a victim/survivor.  This blog is written just for you – to support you and help you on your journey towards healing.  My purpose is to make it a hub of information in one location. Educating yourself will liberate you and help you grow.  If you have sat alone in silence, perhaps shame and self-blame, know that the abuse was not your fault. You were not to blame. There is no shame. It is in the sharing of a secret that doors to freedom will open.  Jesus extends his arms to you in loving compassion and calls you to come to him. He will give you rest.

My name is Teresa Schneider. Well, not really. The name is a pseudonym that I must use for personal reasons. I am a survivor of abuse by a priest.  Jesus continues to heal me through spiritual direction by a priest and the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. During the most difficult times, additional assistance in the form of counseling and medication helped in the process.

I am not a professional and nothing I write is professional advice – psychologically or spiritually.  The links that are provided can lead you to such resources. As it is impossible for me to read every word on every page, I do not necessarily endorse all content linked to this blog. The blog contains many resources that can help you learn more about abuse which often liberates one.

It is meant to be a resource and encouragement to you.

Take a look around. Come back often as you are able. God bless you for your courage.