The Accused Priest – an abuser … or falsely accused?

Isn’t that the $64,000 question.  I hate clergy sexual abuse.  It is ugly on so many fronts. For a moment let’s look at the priest who has been accused but has not committed a crime or anything inappropriate.  If a public accusation has been made, his reputation has been ruined.  He will always walk around with a question mark hanging over his head.

The faithful priest walks on eggshells.  One false move with the wrong person can be misinterpreted. Put your hand on a youth’s shoulder in a Confirmation picture and the next thing you know, you are being maligned as one who “inappropriately touches” young people.  Some claims are downright ridiculous.

Even the most hurt and angry victims can agree that there is fraud and false accusations.
One accused priest has written a reflection on the subject as only one in this situation can.  Take a minute and give it a read.

And as you continue to pray for survivors of abuse, pray for priests who have been falsely accused.

In the Twitterverse, thanks to Passionist Lisa Graas @catholiclisa and JMEG @catholicmominHI for directing me to this very important reflection so I could pass it along to you.  Check out Lisa’s blog at and Esther’s at 


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