Pope Francis: God too weeps…

Often we survivors have problems with father figures, especially those within the Church, if we have been violated by a priest.  That wasn’t a tremendous problem for me, rather God gave me the grace to be healed THROUGH a father figure, my spiritual director who is a priest.

The pope’s authority can be especially problematic because of what he represents and the great pain a survivor feels simply by looking at him which brings up all those painful memories.

I think it is essential, however, that we listen for the whisper of God in the eve in the garden.  He offers little moments when He wants to touch our hearts in a special way. We never know when they will be, so by remaining in union with Him in prayer and sacraments, it is much easier to discern that voice.

I read an article by Pope Francis today which proved to be such a moment for me. Perhaps it will be meaningful to you as well. I urge you to take a look at the article and learn about God, the Father’s, heart of love for us in times of difficulty. It felt like it was written for us.


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