Alive Again

If you have suffered – or are suffering – in any way, you know that the human instinct is to want to end the suffering and to end it NOW!  I think that is why sometimes we see suicides among the abused.  The pain is so intense and relentless, there seems to be no hope of it letting up.  

There is ALWAYS hope!  Always!  Walking through that “valley of death” is so difficult and painful.  Some days the journey has to be taken one step at a time because that is all the energy we have.

I always had faith that God was in control but I didn’t understand why he wasn’t healing me.  

Faith is the realization of what is hoped for
   and evidence of things not seen.

I asked, and begged, and pleaded, and prayed as hard as I could.  Nothing.  I gave up hope that he was going to heal me and that my “cross” would forever be that pain.
But I was wrong.  Thankfully!  He has brought me into the light as I described in the previous post.  I’m convinced he has this for you as well. The timing is unknown, but I am absolutely sure that he wants to heal you.  Food for thought:  when he drops little hints about how you can help yourself, if you have the energy, do it!
I found a song on YouTube that perfectly describes where I am, and where you will be.  Check it out.

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