Healing Can Come

It has been many years since first beginning to process my abuse.  I have fought depression ever since.  It has been a long, dark road fraught with deep sadness, self-hate, loneliness, shame, and despair.  Suicidal thoughts dogged me, sometimes caused by the depression, sometimes caused by the anti-depressants.

I once asked my spiritual director, “Why hope?”  “Because Jesus rose from the dead,” was his quick, deadpan answer.
“Yeah, right,” I thought, “like he has helped me when I had hope in him before.” For someone who truly loves the Lord, those were strong and despairing thoughts.
Well, the time has come.  Resurrection!  After a series of events, the depression has finally lifted!  There were several small things that came together at once, but in the end, I truly believe it was Divine Intervention that caused my personal Resurrection – new life.  Those things I had tried before but they did not work.  Why did they work now?  There’s no rational reason.
I have now have JOY.  True joy!  Happiness. Contentment. Peace.  After all these years slogging it out in the darkness. 
So this is my message to you:  BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION!  It is there for you as well!  Not just because it happened to me, but because Jesus promised it.  Hang on.  Be patient.  Persevere.  And wrap yourself in the mantle of God’s love as you fight your way through.

2 Replies to “Healing Can Come”

  1. Praise God! I am so happy for you! Sending up a prayer for you now through Our Lady of Grace, with much thanksgiving for the graces you have received. Please say a prayer for me!


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