A new book on abuse

Gregorian Symposium on Sexual Abuse of Minors will be available at the end of October.   “This Symposium will contribute to greater decisiveness, transparency and awareness of the responsibility of all in Catholic Church in dealing with the difficult question of sexual abuse” is the description on amazon.com.  As I understand it, the book is a compendium of the content of the clergy sexual abuse conference that was held in Rome earlier this year (or last year?)  It was a forum that addressed the issue in a comprehensive way.

I very much look forward to receiving my copy and reading it.  There are plenty of books out there by others who talk about the problem in the Catholic Church.  I am anxious to see the Church’s take on it and their plan of action.

The Dallas charter was a start, but as we know, that’s what it was – a start.  There needs to be more victim outreach and support as well as better accountability.

My problem is that I have at least 4 other books I am reading right now!  My Peace I Give You Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints by Dawn Eden is one of them.  I am about half-way through and won’t let myself begin another one until I finish this one.  It is very good.

The pain from the abuse will likely always be there.  Certainly I won’t forget it.  The grace of God is what has helped me the most, through the sacraments, Sacred Scripture and spiritual direction.  Therapy and medication have been necessary as well.  All these things together have helped me process this horrible chapter of my life.  Today I deal with anger towards God, my parents, but with a strange type of peace.

Reading the books filled with anger towards the Church and pain only serve to feed my anger and pain.  Of what value is that?  It makes my world dark again, but when I focus on God’s healing and grace, I am granted a small bit of peace.

This priest has received justice when he faced God upon his death.  God’s will, after all, is the ultimate will of mine.



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